Wednesday, September 22, 2004

have often wondered, why people find it
mandatory to believe in something greater than you, often labeled as
God. After turning 15 or 16 I have started to think that there is no
God. I cannot find any evidence of God’s existence, and much of what
goes on in the world seems to me to prove that there indeed is no God,
or not atleast a God that is good, as Christians preach.

find the consept of God a good one, though. Many find the believe
consoling, and the religion helps some to get rid of alcohol, drugs etc.

the other hand I’ve often wondered the fervor with which some atheists
deny the existence of God. If the God doesn’t exist, why bother? The
fact that some people believe in God doesn’t hurt any more than some
other (often young) people believe in Santa Claus.

And nobody can agree on what God really is. Not even persons who have the same religion. Oh well!

Do you want to know what plausibility quotient of your idea of God has?Lookie here!