Thursday, October 14, 2004

There are municipal elections coming up in a few weeks over here in Finland.

These elections has seen a remarkable raise in spamming candidates.
I won’t vote for any of them (especially since I even cannot vote for
them in the elections, since they live elsewhere).

Oh well.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Regarding the last topic, the program might have been from BBC World Service as well.

Nevertheless, the point remains.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

In an NPR Diane Rehm show
yesterday a few interesting points were raised: the regime change in
Iraq wasn’t the first one, but yet another in a long chain of such
events. Previously they were called wars, or were done covertly by
supporting dissident groups.

Anyway, one of the reasons for the regime change in Iraq was that
Saddam Hussein was mistreating people, like killing without trial,
keeping people in prisons without any legal recourse, torturing the
prisoners. Elections weren’t fair either.

Hmm. Does any of those actions sound familiar in the post Saddam world?

Monday, October 4, 2004

And spammers have it!

What else could you think when you consider the accuracy of their targetting. I for example have got these ads recently:

“Get an Online Unversity Degree” - I wonder how they knew I was thinking of getting a bit more education

“A Brighter, Prosperous Future” - Retirement early has been always my dream

“Extra 3 i.nches on average!” - Hmm.

“Get Meds Fast and Cheap” - this wouldn’t hurt

“Voluptuous sluts get DIRTY!” - I’m married, need I say more?

“New! Viagra soft tabs.” - things just ain’t the way they used to be

“Irresistible to the opposite sex” - it would be flattering, although I’m not sure if I knew what to do if this really happened

“9% Improvement in muscle mass” - so I wouln’t be so geek like.

In the view of the above, I think I should start asking hard questions questions about my relatives:

“is your sister in pain” - I didn’t know I had any

“Sick of big brother dipping into your pockets?” - Hmm. yet another one to split the inheritance