Wednesday, September 21, 2005
When you're occupying a country, things turn sour and try to find a way out, what would you do?

Well, one course of action is to try to get a friendly goverment in place running things, as the coalition has been trying to do in Iraq.

All fine and dandy, but the place doesn't quiet down quite as you would hope. Then a couple of your soldiers gets arrested. What do you do then?

You break into the prison with a tank, release your two soldiers (along with 150 other inmates).

*BEEP*, Wrong answer.
Monday, September 19, 2005
I'm really sucker for my kids grabbing my neck and saying "I love you, dad!".

Do they do it on purpose?
Thursday, September 15, 2005

This is my favorite peewee: why on earth companies insist on spamming people? It just creates bad karma.

A few weeks ago Soprano spammed me, and I duly reported the incident at sfnet.viestinta.roskapostit.
I sent them a response telling them to stop spamming any of my domains.
I also called Academica, where a guy that called himself "Suhonen"
told me that he'll do something about it.

I also asked him what their anti-spam policy was. He couldn't tell
and told that mr Broadstreet" would be able to discuss the matter
with me, unfortunately he wasn't in at the moment. I left him a message
asking him to contact me.

That call never came.

Now Soprano spammed me again. I'll have to call Academica again. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I gave a lecture for tax inspectors
regarding internet, including various internet shops and what have you.
I came across an interesting web site: it printed T-shirts that others
have designed, and the designers got money for each sale. The site was Cafepress.

Then a few weeks later I got totally mad at various delivery lorry
drives, who, instead of parking near the curb where there is lots of
space available, decide to park in the driveway, two meters to the left
of the curb!

Well, I decided I need a t-shirt for that. I found out that there is a European supplier operating in a similar way, called Spreadshirt. I decided to open a shop there with my collegue, Jokke.

Now you can see the t-shirt stemming from the frustration of those who cannot walk. The rest of the designs you can find at NerdsRUs shop.

Edit: Further study and thinking showed, that the pages are not Elisa's. They belong to their customer. Funny anyway.

Over at Elisa (one of Finlands biggest telcos) they've decided to
really hit the search engines. If you look at you'll find for example
these strings (translations in italics):

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sexgalaxia. com/aina

sexy babes of finnland

You get the picture. Let's see how long this'll last

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I was installing linux for a friend this evening.

Those who suggest that end-users install the bloody thing are out of their minds!

If Joe Average can get M$ Windows installed badly, I cannot imagine what they can do with linux!

Sunday, September 11, 2005

EDIT: This is no longer tru. Instead of being a hard-core dude, I decided to do it the easy way. Perhaps I spend more time blogging, now that it is easy. This is now in Blogger.

Decided to run my own blog for a change, so I got an account at kapsi and set up the blog there. The url'll change when I direct my domains here, but the contents will remain.

I decided to run BLOG:CMS, since it seemed easy to set up, kapsi servers were up to the requirements that the sw had, and BLOG:CMS seemed to have the features I wanted.

I can warmly recommend KAPSI if you have personal web sites to run,
or otherwise need shell access. Their administration has been
excellent: friendly and knowledgeable. Granted, it is volunteer run,
but responsetimes have been good (a day or two, compared to weeks with
the inflexible ISPs we have here).

For 30 eur membership fee/year you can get www space, shell access and loads of other stuff. Only for Finns, though.