Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Edit: Further study and thinking showed, that the pages are not Elisa's. They belong to their customer. Funny anyway.

Over at Elisa (one of Finlands biggest telcos) they've decided to
really hit the search engines. If you look at you'll find for example
these strings (translations in italics):

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spiritismin ohjeet spiritism instructions


vitun ruma neekeri fucking ugly nigger

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ottaa poskeen blowjob

saatananpalvonta satanism

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huoralta whore

gootti metal gothic metal

vitun hauskoja kuvia fucking funny pictures

pillu galleria cunt gallery

jaana pelkonen alastonkuvia nude


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sexgalaxia. com/aina

sexy babes of finnland

You get the picture. Let's see how long this'll last