Friday, May 13, 2005
really wonder, what's the horror of going to bed for kids?

Today we visited my in-laws nearby. As usual, we got home a bit too late in the evening, and the bedtime for the kids was approaching fast.

As usual, my sister-in-law dumped a huge load of toys for the kids from their attic, and I decided to leave them in the car, so we had some chance to get the elder boy in bed before midnight.

As could be expected, he decided to get hysteric when he noticed that all the toys were left behind. Since he was obviously tired, I started to put him into the bed.

"I'm not tired! I'm not tired!" were about the only recognizable words amids the screaming. And he was sound asleep within 10 minutes ;-)

I wonder what it is that is so horrifying in falling asleep?