Thursday, January 19, 2012
I had a very strange webshopping experience the other day. I wanted to buy stuff and expansys offered in this case the things I wanted. I've bought from earlier, so I though "why not".

Then I noticed that they have a local, CH website, contact information and all and I thought "Great!".

So, in shopping frenzy I put the goods in the shopping cart, headed to the cash register, typed in my credit card information and I was a bit surprised to notice that the "Verified by Visa" question didn't come.

Thought nothing of it, until the next day I received an e-mail asking me to scan my credit card and ID/Passport and upload them to their website.


They must be out of their mind!

Certainly I expose myself to the identity theft by scanning my passport - NOT! I stay away from their website from now on. Search continues...


teeschmid said...

Well, other shops want scans too.

After teaching in Indonesia I had the chance to stay in a luxury hotel on Bali. On the hotel's wireless LAN I noticed I could see many computers.
The shop's computer had a shared folder, containing the scans of of credit cards and passports of their customers…

No, I did not go to shop there. But I hope the hotel did something about the reported mistake real soon!