Friday, December 19, 2014

It is this time of the year again: Xmas. As a kid is was much waited for. In Finland the Santa visits the families on the 24th in the evening. The kids get to sing to the Santa, and even sit on his lap. Smaller kids start to cry as they're afraid of this strange man who brings presents, but who also CAN bring twigs if the kids haven't been nice.

No matter if the Santa sounds a bit like uncle Oiva who lives next door, you believe in the real Santa anyway. If you don't, you might not get presents!

Anyway, as the time passes, things change, and although Xmas is still very special time of the year it comes with the Xmas blues. At least to me it does.

You notice that yet another year is gone, and your spare tire is still on your hips despite your decision in the beginning of the year. And no, you didn't get that personal project done. 

And if you live abroad like I do you're not still fully integrated within the local populace. You do have social contacts, but your relatives and closest friends are often so far away that a quick visit isn't really an option.


Oh well.


At least it is not cold over here (thus, no skiing this Xmas, either)...


But, at 3km there is snow. Not much, but anyway (this from last Sunday)