Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I gave a lecture for tax inspectors
regarding internet, including various internet shops and what have you.
I came across an interesting web site: it printed T-shirts that others
have designed, and the designers got money for each sale. The site was Cafepress.

Then a few weeks later I got totally mad at various delivery lorry
drives, who, instead of parking near the curb where there is lots of
space available, decide to park in the driveway, two meters to the left
of the curb!

Well, I decided I need a t-shirt for that. I found out that there is a European supplier operating in a similar way, called Spreadshirt. I decided to open a shop there with my collegue, Jokke.

Now you can see the t-shirt stemming from the frustration of those who cannot walk. The rest of the designs you can find at NerdsRUs shop.