Sunday, September 11, 2005

EDIT: This is no longer tru. Instead of being a hard-core dude, I decided to do it the easy way. Perhaps I spend more time blogging, now that it is easy. This is now in Blogger.

Decided to run my own blog for a change, so I got an account at kapsi and set up the blog there. The url'll change when I direct my domains here, but the contents will remain.

I decided to run BLOG:CMS, since it seemed easy to set up, kapsi servers were up to the requirements that the sw had, and BLOG:CMS seemed to have the features I wanted.

I can warmly recommend KAPSI if you have personal web sites to run,
or otherwise need shell access. Their administration has been
excellent: friendly and knowledgeable. Granted, it is volunteer run,
but responsetimes have been good (a day or two, compared to weeks with
the inflexible ISPs we have here).

For 30 eur membership fee/year you can get www space, shell access and loads of other stuff. Only for Finns, though.