Thursday, September 15, 2005

This is my favorite peewee: why on earth companies insist on spamming people? It just creates bad karma.

A few weeks ago Soprano spammed me, and I duly reported the incident at sfnet.viestinta.roskapostit.
I sent them a response telling them to stop spamming any of my domains.
I also called Academica, where a guy that called himself "Suhonen"
told me that he'll do something about it.

I also asked him what their anti-spam policy was. He couldn't tell
and told that mr Broadstreet" would be able to discuss the matter
with me, unfortunately he wasn't in at the moment. I left him a message
asking him to contact me.

That call never came.

Now Soprano spammed me again. I'll have to call Academica again. Stay tuned!